EdifyAssess enables our teachers to collaboratively author End-of-Course assessments and administer them to students across our district with ease and efficiency. The standards based test items within EdifyAssess, and our ability to create new test items, have helped us synchronize our curriculum, instruction and assessments around common pedagogic standards. This has led to a better and more thoughtful analysis of the effectiveness of our overall instructional program. We are excited about our continued use of EdifyAssess as we expand its access to teachers so that they can create their own class-based assessments, and strategically analyze our students’ performance using Edify’s nifty reporting features. We appreciate the exceptional customer service that we have received from the Edify Learning team.Ms. Angie Martinez, Director of Curriculum
Blaine County School District
From the minute we purchased EdifyAssess, we have had an incredible customer service experience. We were instantly matched with a professional that has gone out of his way to help this implementation be successful by providing training, technical support, and advice. For the 2015-2016 school year, the EdifyAssess platform will be a powerful tool used in our district to help teachers and district administrators provide quality formative and summative assessments to our students. Not only will teachers be able to use tried-and-true assessments they have used in the past, they will also be able to create tests instantly from question banks that are aligned with the Common Core State Standards. The teachers that piloted this for us during end of course assessments, at the end of semester one this year, are insisting they use it for semester two. They appreciated the feedback from the reports and data analytics provided at the end of the assessment. They loved how it showed them which Common Core State Standards they were teaching well, and which ones needed to be reevaluated. From the district level, we now have an easy way to create and share common assessments that match our report cards in the younger grades. The amazing question banks, combined with the reports and data analytics, has provided us with an effective, efficient, and economic way to see how our students are progressing through the curriculum.Ms. Julie Briggs, Educational Technology Specialist,
Bonneville Joint School District 93, Idaho
The EdifyAssess platform provides valuable reports and data analytics on the results of interim and teacher-created assessments to nearly 100 schools in Iowa. It provides an extensive Math and English item bank that is well aligned to the Common Core State Standards. EdifyAssess is extremely user-friendly and very easy to use so that teachers are able to spend more of their time planning instruction and collaborating around tasks focused on student improvements.Phillip Autrey
Iowa School Finance Information Services