Answer Sheets for Scanning

If you plan to administer your assessment using paper and pencil and use Edify’s plain paper scanning solution to import the student responses into the Edify Assess, please use the information below to setup your scanning workflow.

For your convenience, we have provided pre-created scanning templates for several common test sizes – 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 question tests. Click on the appropriate link below to download the scanning template that you plan to use for to your assessment.

10 Question Scan Sheet
25 Question Scan Sheet
50 Question Scan Sheet
75 Question Scan Sheet
100 Question Scan Sheet

You should follow the instructions below to administer an assessment using plain paper scanning and import its results into Edify Assess.

  1. Download and print the answer sheet template that is applicable to your assessment.
  2. Have the students complete the assessment using the printed answer sheets.
  3. Scan the completed answer sheets using your school’s scanner to generate a PDF file that contains scanned versions of the answer sheets.
  4. Send the PDF documents to Edify Learning using the secure FTP credentials provided to you by Edify.
    If you do not have the secure FTP credentials or have not yet purchased Edify Assess’ plain paper scanning module, please contact Edify.
  5. Once you login to the ftp server, you will see five sub folders (one for each scan sheet template). Please ensure that you place the correct template in the correct folder (e.g. the 50 question scanned PDF file goes in the 50 question template folder).
  6. The Edify Assess software will automatically process the PDF files and scan the answer sheets contained in them.  It will then place the results into its database.