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Several videos that provide help on specific features of EdifyAssess are listed below. Use these videos to learn more about the capabilities of EdifyAssess. To switch to a different video, use the navigation bar on the left. We are working on additional videos, so check back if you do not find the specific video that you are looking for.

Overview of Edify Assess

A high-level overview of the features of the EdifyAssess system. If you are new to EdifyAssess, you should see this video to orient yourself about what the system can do for you.

Set Up a Shared Bank

This tutorial explains how a Program Manager can set up a “bank” containing complete tests or individual test questions. It also shows how to assign team members to the “bank” who can work together to create shared tests or test questions.

Associate Items to a Passage

This tutorial shows how to associate a question with a passage in Edify Assess. The video assumes that the passage and the question have been created before they can be associated.

Trainer Access

This tutorial provides instructions to authorized trainers about how they can access the Training Account in EdifyAssess. A trainer can use the Training Account for training other users.

Teacher Assessment Administration

This tutorial guides a teacher in how to assign an assessment to her students and then administer and monitor online testing activity among the students.