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EdifyAssess now offers Progress Testing’s nationally recognized ReadiBank™ – a new formative assessment item bank for ELA CCSS, Math CCSS, and Next Generation Science.

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Grades 3 through 12 are covered.


Grades 5, 8, 10-12 are covered.


Grades 3 through 12 are covered.


Grades 3 through 12 are covered.

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The ReadiBank items are available in EdifyAssess today. Unlike the future promises of other platform and content vendors, this one-stop solution is ready for your use immediately.

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Questions you should ask other vendors

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    Does your vendor provide Technology Enhanced, interactive items aligned to the Common Core State Standards? We provide over 10,000 such items.

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    In addition to Math and ELA items, does your vendor also provide Science items that are aligned to the Next Generation State Standards? We do.

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    Does your vendor provide test questions for CTE items? We provide over 65,000 such questions covering nearly 1,000 career readiness courses.

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    We provide rich metadata including DOK; Lexiles, Dale-Chall and Flesch indices; SBAC and PARCC compliant word counts. Does your vendor?

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    With EdifyAssess, teachers and district staff can create their own new items, including Technology Enhanced Items! Can your vendor do that?

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    Readibank is a growing, living item bank. New items are being created for it continuously and it is updated every six months. Will your vendor do that?


Every ReadiBank item is completely new and not mere repurposed old content. They are expressly written to assess proficiency with College and Career Readiness standards, making these items appropriate for use either with Common Core-based instructional programs or with programs using standards derivative or parallel to the Common Core.

Standards Compliant

Unlike the products from most other vendor who have simply realigned their old content, all 45,000 ReadiBank items have been written specifically for and to be fully compliant with the Common Core State Standards. The ELA items meet the word count requirements specified by SBAC and PARCC. All items meet the Educational and Psychological testing standards of AERA, NCME and APA.

Reliable and Valid

Extensive psychometric research in authoring and validating the items ensures that they can be used as accurate and reliable measures of student achievement. Apart from the standard meta-data, the reading items include Lexiles, Dale-Chall and Flesch readability indices and use authentic works of literature and informational passages. More than 80% of the items are at DOK levels 2, 3, or 4.


With Readibank, all your bases are covered. Along with CCSS aligned Math and ELA items, we also include several thousand NGSS Science and SS items. More than 75 high-quality reading passages for every grade! Math and ELA items are available for all grades, while NGSS for grade 3 to 12. In addition, we provide over 65,000 items for Career and Technical Education covering nearly 1,000 career readiness courses.

Innovative and Fun

Include nearly 10,000 innovative technology enhanced items – a powerful means to help promote and sustain student engagement. These include multiple correct response, constructed response, extended response, evidence-based response, equation response, fill-In table, hot text, reorder text, drag and drop, matching, multimedia, speaking and listening, inline choice, and graphic response.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With Over 4 million Resources

EdifyAssess offers a rich online library of over 4 million supplemental skill resources to accommodate the differing learning styles of students.



Fully correlated to Common Core and state standards, these resources include everything from lesson plans and worksheets to home activities.



Support instruction, corrective re-teaching or individual student exploration through online content from Gooru Learning™ and Khan Academy™.



Explicit and clear reports for educators and parents provide detailed measures on the efficacy and usage of these resources by students.

EdifyAssess is a comprehensive cloud-based enterprise platform that can manage all aspects of an organization’s assessment program – from assessment item creation through assessment administration to sophisticated data analytics of student responses. Its scalability and security features make it the ideal solution for day-to-day formative classroom assessments as well as for large-scale district-wide testing. EdifyAssess provides a simple and intuitive user interface which teachers and students love. Every day thousands of teachers use EdifyAssess to manage and deliver assessments in their classrooms and students take these assessments using browser-based assessment players, mobile devices, clickers and scanned bubble sheets. EdifyAssess now offers a comprehensive CCSS aligned item bank. In addition, it offers teachers and district staff the ability to create create new items, including Technology Enhanced Items.

The EdifyAssess platform combined with Readibank content and Khan Academy resources is a game changer; and yet it is offered at an extremely compelling price to schools.Iowa State client
The ReadiBank offers approximately 45,000 items that comprehensively assess Common Core State Standards (for Math and ELA) and Next Generation Science Standards, as well as Social Studies for select states. In addition, the ReadiBank offers 65,000 CTE/Non-Tested items covering nearly 1,000 courses! New Technology-Enhanced (TE) assessment items are exciting! New items are added to the bank every six months. We love to write them, and students love to answer them. But not every student has a device in their hands — at least not yet. Recognizing the dilemma that districts face when administering formative assessments this year, the Readibank offers items that can be administered in paper and computer-based formats. The supported item types can be administered online OR via paper and pencil and scored using scanners, document cameras, etc. Your district can use the technology that’s already in place while still effectively monitoring student progress.

A Compelling Combination

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A formative assessment system that can provide a state, district, school or teacher with a comprehensive toolset that prepares for true college and career readiness.

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Rigorous Content

High qualify test items for Math, ELA, Science and CTE courses that have been developed specifically for the new standards and include SBAC and PAARC supported TEI formats.

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