Systems Integration

EdifyAssess is designed to integrate seamlessly with other information systems that you use. We support a standards-based REST API interface that can be used to a) import and export data from our platform and b) expose specific functionality (e.g. the Assessment Player) as containers that can be embedded in other systems such as a Learning Management System. Some are the integrations we perform for most of our clients are the following:

SIS Integration

The EdifyAssess Info Import application allows for the import of user and organization data from files provided by the various clients that use edifyAssess. edifyAssess allows for all transmissions of data from the districts SIS to our servers for data upload into the system. The SIS data may be updated as frequently as needed: daily, nightly, weekly, bi-weekly, etc. Our data management team will assist our client in setting up an automated process to facilitate updates  from the district SIS on a mutually agreeable schedule.

EdifyAssess moves teacher and student information upon their movement between schools based on the information in the SIS system. Our data archiving allows students who withdraw from the district to be moved to a holding area in case they return back to the school district so that historical data on the student would be available upon reentry to the district. As a customizable solution, EdifyAssess allows additional user-defined fields (student demographics, organization characteristics) to be designated in the import template.

LMS Integration

We can integrate with the school or districts LMS platform.  The edifyAssess platform provides advanced API integration that can be used by the LMS to seamlessly generate and administer assessments using EdifyAssess directly from the LMS.

SSO Integration

EdifyAssess can be configured to integrate with the districts Active Directory infrastructure for authentication and authorization. Integrations can be done for both educator and student authentication.