Student Intervention Resources

EdifyAssess offers a vast pool of over 4 million supplemental skill resources to address the differing learning styles of its students. Fully correlated to Common Core and state standards, these resources include  everything from lesson plans and worksheets to classroom and at-home activities. Best of all, they are integrated with your reports, so once a skill weakness  is identified, the solution is only a click away. Edify has integrated with Gooru Learning and Khan Academy for its resource content. If a district has its own resources or partners with another third-party resource vendor, EdifyAssess can integrate with them easily.

  • Gooru Learning: edifyAssess integrates with Gooru to find standards-aligned, interactive learning materials that are most appropriate to the students based on their performance on a formative assessment. Gooru measure a students’ engagement, comprehension, and progress across the resources. Gooru offers millions on resources that have been aligned to the Common Core and other state standards.
  • Khan Academy: edifyAssess integrates with Khan Acadamy to find Common Core standards-aligned math content. Based on a students performance on a math assessment, edifyAssess recommends the Khan Academy videos that best address the students weaknesses.
  • Custom Integration: Through our REST-API, we can integrate with any third-party resource library or your own collection of Internet resources. This is an optional service.