Paper-based Testing

All assessments created in EdifyAssess are automatically also made available for printing as student PDF booklets. This feature reduces the overall cost by eliminating the need for specialized printing solutions. Once an assessment has been assigned, a printable PDF copy may be accessed through the edifyAssess platform by the educators and printed on any printer of their choice.

We also provide an optional local scoring solution. It is based around our proprietary EdifyScan software that was developed to support scanning for one of the largest school districts in the country. EdifyScan seamlessly integrates with edifyAssess and reads data from a large list of compatible scanners. If schools currently have any of the compatible scanners listed below, they can deploy EdifyScan on an appropriate computer workstation attached to that scanner through a teacher or administrator account. EdifyScan compatible scanners include:

  • Scantron Scanmark 2000 Series
  • Scantron Scanmark 4000 Series
  • Scantron Scanmark 5000 Series
  • Scantron Scanmark ES Series
  • Scantron Opscan Series
  • Plain paper Scanner Support. The plain paper scanning module uses the Gravic OMR technology to implement plain paper scanning, which is licensed separately.  EdifyScan plain paper scanning module  supports most of the Twain Compatible Scanners. This includes scanners from various manufacturers such as Fujitsu, Cannon, Brother, Epson, HP, Kodak, and Lexmark. Please contact us to determine if your scanners can be supported by EdifyScan’s plain paper module.
For paper and pencil assessments, we offer an alternative to scanning. Rather than submit the answer sheets for scanning, teachers may choose to enter the student scores for both multiple-choice and constructed-response questions into the online application using a virtual bubble–sheet, as shown below. These responses are transmitted to our database just as though the student had taken the assessment online. Through either method, once the data is received by EdifyAssess the results are graded and immediately made available for viewing by teachers and students.