Online Testing

EdifyAssess platform provides an advanced assessment player for the online administration of assessments. An intuitive interface presents questions one at a time with clear and research-based navigation controls. Several optional tools are included in the assessment player. These include:

  • A basic or scientific calculator if it has been enabled for the assessment administration
  • A highlighter tool that allows students the ability to highlight passage text to support recall and reference
  • An ability to flag items in order to return later, helping students efficiently manage the assessment during the administration
  • An ability to cross out answer choices so that students can use elimination

At any time throughout the administration students can access a full assessment preview showing every item and their chosen answer along with any question that has been flagged to revisit. They can then quickly navigate throughout the assessment to review a question or enter a different answer. A progress bar at the bottom helps students determine how many questions are answered and how many remain, helping them better gauge their time and effort during the assessment. In addition, the progress bar highlights the flagged items so that the student can quickly view if any items have been flagged.

Students can take the assessments on a regular browser or through mobile devices. They can also take the assessment using paper and pencil.

To prevent needless or careless mistakes, such as accidentally leaving an answer blank, an error check workflow is built into the administration process. When the student attempts to submit the assessment for scoring, the student is alerted if any items have  been left blank or flagged. The assessment monitoring functionality allows teachers to monitor the progress of students during administration. The monitor page indicates how many questions have been answered for each student along with what question the students are currently on.