Graphical Data Analysis

EdifyAssess allows users to perform powerful data analysis that illustrates insightful interpretations of group and individual performances within performance bands, intervention tiers, aggregated summaries, and longitudinal trends. Our versatile scoring features supports online scoring, paper or form scanning, iPad or Android based tests, virtual bubble sheets, and clicker devices. Raw scores, percent-based scoring, scaled scores and grade transformations are supported by the platform. The key features of EdifyAssess data analytics includes the following:

  • Pre-built set of highly visual and interactive reports that have been developed from an educator’s perspective. There is no need to write queries to get data. edifyAssess recognizes that districts don’t have time for complicated, antiquated systems.
  • Demographic and organization filters on all reports allows you to monitor and compare subgroups of students.
  • Measure achievement gaps within and across schools with powerful tools that allow data to be disaggregated in a variety of ways.
  • Intelligently group students into intervention groups and targets the appropriate remediation resources based on the requirements to these groups.
  • Accommodate data generated by other systems (e.g., Summative Data, DIBELS, etc.), which can be imported for reporting and analysis purposes
  • Range of reports that serve the needs of teachers, parents, students, administrators, counselors, district staff.
  • Reports can be downloaded (e.g., as PDF or Microsoft Excel) and then shared as attachments via email.
  • Reports make extensive use of graphs that make trends and patterns easier to spot.
  • Use a variety of teacher and school comparison reports to inform resource allocation, staffing and professional development needs.
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