Flexible Scoring Methods

EdifyAssess supports multiple methods of scoring formative assessments. Any assessment created using EdifyAssess can be scored using Raw Scores or Scale Scores. A school or district can configure the customizable performance bands (Below Proficient, Proficient, Advanced, etc.) based on both Raw Scores and Scale Scores. An assessment in EdifyAssess is scored based on its scoring configuration. The two scoring methods for an assessment are described as follows:

  • A raw score is the total number of score points an assessment taker obtains by answering questions correctly on an assessment. For example, if an assessment taker answered 20 out of 50 questions on an assessment correctly, then his or her raw score, in this example, is 20.
  • Scale score that provides the ability to report scores for all examinees on a consistent scale. The reported scaled scores are obtained by statistically adjusting and converting raw scores onto a common scale to account for differences in difficulty across different forms of assessments administered during the school year.