Development Services

If your organization has unique requirements that cannot be met by the current features of EdifyAssess, we can also develop custom solutions for your organization. These can include new features for the EdifyAssess platform as well as new software applications to integrate and analyze data used by your school’s accountability, student achievement, district goals, school finance, or human resources. Below are some examples of the types of solutions that we can develop.

Accountability Report Card: Track your school system’s progress on state-mandated accountability through the year with our custom-built predictive School Report Cards. Your data is updated with each assessment result or other organizational changes such as student enrollment and staffing allocations. Our expert consultants work with key district staff and stakeholders to select the metrics that are suitable given your organization’s accountability status and make them available online through our hosted service.

Data Dashboards: Generate data visualizations that help decision-making by identifying key trends. We help you define statistics that illustrate progress toward the organization’s strategic plan. We can develop customized user interfaces and data integrations to provide the specific data that your educational leadership requires; these can include correlation of student performance data with data about student demographics, staff profile, staff training, and budgets to create a comprehensive profile of your organizations progress and identify trends.

Data Integration: Increase the value of your organization’s data through our data integration services that transform silos of departmental information into system wide intelligence. Most school systems have valuable data that is locked within individual departments denying access to other departments. Our team of data experts can develop solution that integrate this data in a manner that fits your school culture and broadens accessibility, acceptability, and insightful use.

Psychometric Solutions: Increase stakeholder trust and use in your assessment program. We offer comprehensive psychometric services that validate or correct invalid measures currently in use by your organization’s departments. Our methods conform to the Standards for Educational Psychological Testing. Services include item analysis, assessment alignment and blueprinting, scaling, equating, differential item functioning (DIF), standards setting, pilot testing, field testing, and workshops in item writing and assessment construction.

Systems Integration: Integrate disparate systems (such as student information management, learning management systems, online content, and assessment sysetms) in order to provide a seamless and easy-to-use user interface for students and teachers. Our services include integration of various packaged and custom developed applications for content management, single sign-on, directories, SIS data, curriculum management, assessment management, and learning management, among others. Our EdifyAssess platform also supports deep integration of dashboard and interactive reporting with an organization’s data warehouse or student portal.

Data Transformation: Increase the value of your legacy data. Such reuse can result in dramatic payoffs by identifying longitudinal trends without having to wait for multiple years into the future. Our data migration service allows schools to import their historical data and assessment content within our assessment platform, edifyAssess. We can migrate archived data from prior assessment administrations to integrate it with current data. We can also push data to third-party student data warehouses currently in use by the district.