Consulting Services

School systems increasingly view assessment programs as important tool for evaluating and improving student achievement. School leaders require that these programs deliver meaningful data with speed, accuracy, security, and budgetary efficiency. EdifyLearning offers experience and expertise in the design, evaluation and alignment of your organization’s assessment program through its consulting services offering.

We can assist your organization in the following areas.

Program Evaluation: Receive a graded evaluation on your assessment program’s ability to produce data that measure outcomes for the organization’s strategic goals. We analyze your platform, assessment assets and organizational workflows function from a pedagogic and economic efficiency perspectives. Each exam type is reviewed for its purpose, knowledge contribution, data creation, integration with other assessments, population coverage, strength of measurement reliability, score validity, and meeting legislative requirements.

Asset Alignment: Align your assessment program’s content assets to strategic objectives and current educational standards. School systems often accumulate legacy assessments and independent departments add new ones to the point that the collection of assessments lose focus, produce redundant data, increase labor inefficiency and strain reduced budgets. We offer expert consulting that evaluates organizational use of assessments to provide district leadership practical recommendations for aligning assessment assets to the organization’s current strategy.

Data Use: Evaluate the the quality and usage of data generated by your organization’s assessment program. An important output of an well-designed assessment program is actionable data that can be used by teachers, central staff, students, and other stakeholders. We evaluate and make recommendations for the program’s ability to produce such goal-oriented data, its systemic use, technical features of the platform, metric sufficiency, capacity and use of analytics tools, report distributions, and data interpretation.

Budget Optimization: Increase meaningful data production while optimizing and reducing budget expenditure. Assessments that have been layered on top of one another over time often create over-spending on redundant or irrelevant measures. We let you know where you can be doing more with less cost and advise on areas of assessment consolidation, access expansion, and program efficiency.

Program Road Map: Plan for strategic improvements in assessment implementation and data use. Improving a system-wide assessment program involves prioritization and stakeholder buy-in. We provide a road map for successful implementation of program improvements through proper training, timelines, budget considerations, compliance deadlines, and alignments to district goals.

Enterprise Platform Evaluation: Learn about the capability of your assessment system to grow with the organization. The school system’s assessment platform is the engine that powers the assessment program. Our experts thoroughly review your school system’s platform for its capacity to empower different levels of staff, its ability to secure assessment data, and its ability to generate appropriate data cost effectively.