Standards Aligned

EdifyAssess is centered around state standards including the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). All aspects of the platform (including assessment items, reports, remediation resources) are aligned to the standard that your organization uses, including CCSS. EdifyAssess comes with two large, high-quality item banks that are available to our clients as part of the EdifyAssess platform at no additional cost. In addition, you can create your own item bank by importing or authoring new items. We also offer assessment sets that are patterned after various state exams. Finally, you can now also purchase ReadiBank with EdifyAssess.

The Edify Common Core Item Bank for Math and English aligned to the CCSS consisting of over 100,000 items and new items are being added to it every month.
The Edify Next Generation Science Item Bank for Science content aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) consisting of over 6,500 items and is being expanded monthly.
If your organization has a pre-existing Item Bank that you wish to use within EdifyAssess, we support that as well.  EdifyAssess platform allows customers the ability to import their own item banks or item banks from a third-party vendor.
We also provide pre-configured assessment instruments that are suitable for use as Interim or EOC assessments. These assessments cover all assessed grades and are patterned after the official state tests. These can also be used as an early-warning diagnostic tool.


Our EdifyAlgebra assessment set measures early algebra knowledge formed at each grade level throughout middle school. Longitudinal reporting shows how well students are growing in their ability to translate daily mathematics learning into algebraic representations and pinpoints areas for improvement. Key capabilities include:

Measure early algebra learning through middle school as students develop their mathematical concepts. Research shows that early detection and timely intervention is the key driver for algebra acquisition because students who have developed early algebra representations of concepts framed within the mathematics curriculum are most likely to succeed in Algebra 1. edifyAlgebra measures mathematical growth along the key strands of knowledge identified by the latest research literature.
Measure algebra readiness with assessments that are aligned to taught learning standards. edifyAlgebra is aligned to key strands of learning in (a) most US state standards, (b) Common Core and (c) most international curriculum frameworks. Items are calibrated and assessments are equated so that progress may be accurately interpreted through the year and across years. Based on decades of staff experience in teaching, curriculum development, and psychometric theory, edifyAlgebra is a measure that educators can trust.
Generate insightful reports that identify students who require differentiated levels of instruction to improve their early algebra knowledge and skills. edifyAlgebra longitudinal reports (a) inform teachers where to target their instructional focus and (b) monitor whether students are responding to tiered levels of intervention. Aggregated data analysis provides actionable data to curriculum decision-makers at the department, campus, and district levels on systemic trends in algebra readiness.
Strategically administer edifyAlgebra throughout the year using our cloud-based assessment management system. Seamlessly integrated into any school information system (SIS), our platform uses single sign-on technology for one-click access. Group and individual testing is easily managed by the teacher and access to longitudinal data is immediate. Students and teachers may access edifyAlgebra securely via their desktop web browser or via mobile devices using our iOS and Android apps.
Increase the number of students preparing for algebra readiness by providing a solution that accommodates students with disabilities. Assessments incorporate the principals of Universal Design in Assessment (UDA). Based upon the IDEA principals for equal access, graphically-rich UDA items minimize English language proficiency to prompt mathematical reasoning. Such items are ideal for measuring early algebra in non-native English speakers and students with reading disabilities.
According to the U.S. Department of Education, competency in mathematics that includes qualitative and problem-solving skills is prerequisite to participation in the current job market. These same math skills also correlate to readiness in algebra. 8th grade NAEP performance aligns with success rates in an authentic algebra course. Where does your state’s 8th Grade Math NAEP average rank in the nation? Contact us to see how “algebra ready” students are in your state.

We are committed to providing educators with Item Banks that consist of high-quality, standards-based items that can be used to measure student achievement quickly and accurately. Our items are fully aligned with the CCSS and the Next Generation Assessment Standards and can help schools transition to these standards. These Item Banks can be used to create formative assessments at both the district and classroom levels that provide student data to help evaluate and improve instruction.

The items in the Edify Item Banks have been developed by a team of content experts. Our team uses a rigorous item development process that includes multiple rounds of review. This ensures that the items are developed using best practices, are grade (or course) appropriate, free of bias, and follow the principles of universal design.