Assessment Methods

With EdifyAssess, schools may assess students online, with paper-based forms, or a hybrid of both. The platform manages student responses so that multiple methods are easily tracked and organized regardless of the schools choice of assessment environment.

Online Assessment

For the Teacher/Administrator
  • Assignment – Assessments are easily assigned using online calendars and class rosters that are integrated into the district’s SIS.
  • Security – Password security may be set by the teacher for each and every assessment.
  • Monitoring – Electronic, real-time monitoring allows teachers to actively monitor the assessment event.
  • Multiple Forms – Items, passages, selected responses, and prompts may be presented to the students in different order to maximize assessment security during the assessment event.
For the Student
  • Intuitive Layout – Students remain focused throughout the assessment using an intuitive, dual window display that lays out passages and item stems independently from item responses.
  • Easy Navigation– a progress bar displays student progress during the assessment and allows for students to click and move at their own pace.
  • Student Controls
    • Flag items that are difficult, skipped, or want to visit later in the exam
    • On-screen elimination of answer choices
    • Text Highlighter (may be disabled if desired)
    • Scientific Calculator (may be disabled if desired)
Any web-browsing device may be used by students when taking on online assessment in EdifyAssess. Our student app may be downloaded for iPad devices as well.

Paper-Based Assessment

After a teacher creates an assessment within the EdifyAssess platform, the assessment may be printed as pdf booklets for easy hardcopy or online printing. Student responses may be translated via common scanning solutions already existing within the district or via our embedded Virtual Bubble Sheet.
EdifyAssess integrates with common scanning solutions (OMR, OCR, and plain paper). Once your scanner captures student responses, EdifyAssess receives your scanner’s output file and imports student responses as if the students responded online.
Virtual Bubble Sheet
EdifyAssess allows an efficient alternative to scanning with its virtual bubble sheet. Students and teachers can use the virtual bubble sheet to transcribe responses directly from an answer sheet. This solution works well for students younger than grade 2 or for students with disabilities.


Whether testing online, scanning, or entering data via the virtual bubble sheet, once student responses are translated to EdifyAssess scoring is immediate and report statistics are calculated.