Assessment Calendar

EdifyAssess offers several options for managing assessment administration that provide a high degree of control to educators. For most of these options the software uses suitable default values but an educator can change and fine-tune any of these options to suit their teaching style and pedagogy.

  • An assessments can be assigned to a single student, a group of students, a class (or a course) in a school, or all classes in a district. The software automatically checks to ensure that the person assigning the assessment has the right privilege over the group of students to whom the assessment is being assigned.
  • An assessment can be delivered through any combination of the following delivery methods: paper and pencil, plain-paper and OMR scanning, online, clickers, mobile devices.
  • An assessment window can be assigned to ensure that the assessment in only available to students after and/or before a specific date and time.
  • Specific time slots can be assigned so that students can take the assessment only during school (or home) hours.
  • Whether or not students see their report immediately can be controlled.
  • Assessment questions can be randomized to prevent cheating when testing online.
  • Answer choices can be randomized to prevent cheating when testing online.
  • Timed assessments can be used to control the assessment time during administration.
  • Various tools such as calculator and highlighter can be made available to students.
  • A student password can be created that is required for a student to start an assessment.