EdifyAssess is a comprehensive cloud-based enterprise platform that can manage all aspects of an organization’s assessment program – from assessment item creation through assessment administration to sophisticated data analytics of student responses. Its scalability and security features make it the ideal solution for day-to-day formative classroom assessments as well as for large-scale district-wide testing. EdifyAssess provides a simple and intuitive user interface which teachers and students have come to love. Every day thousands of teachers use EdifyAssess to manage and deliver assessments in their classrooms and students take these assessments using browser-based assessment players, mobile devices, clickers and scanned bubble sheets.

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The EdifyAssess platform is offered by Edify Learning – an education technology firm that provides a suite of products for student assessment and student data management. We also provide consulting services for the design and implementation of custom solutions for educational leaders who view technology as a strategic tool for reaching their educational goals. We often integrate our solutions with the organization’s existing systems, such as its student information system, data warehouses, learning management system, and financial system.